Discover Brennenstuhl's wide product range for stage construction, trade fair construction, event technology, event technology and construction

Brennstuhl is a renowned manufacturer of electrical appliances and offers a wide range of products for use in Stage construction, trade fair construction, event technology, event technology and construction. The category includes power strips, cable drums, power distributors, extension cables, LED construction spotlights, work lights, LED spotlights, LED flashlights, energy saving, smart home, radio-controlled sockets, empty drums, timers, plugs & couplings, devices for home & security as well as night lights.

The Brennenstuhl power strips ensure a reliable power supply anywhere and offer protection against overload and overvoltage. Cable drums and power distributors enable flexible power supply at construction sites and events. Extension cables in different lengths offer additional range and flexibility.

The LED construction spotlights and work lights from Brennenstuhl offer efficient lighting for work areas, construction sites and events. The LED spotlights and flashlights are particularly durable and offer high brightness with low energy consumption. Brennenstuhl's energy-saving devices help reduce electricity costs and protect the environment.

With Brennenstuhl's smart home products, you can control and monitor your electrical devices conveniently and easily. Radio-controlled sockets offer a convenient way to switch devices on and off without having to operate them directly from the socket. Empty drums and timers offer additional functionalities to optimize your power supply.

Brennstuhl's plugs and couplings offer a reliable and secure connection between your electrical devices and the power source. The devices for home & security and night lights provide additional security and comfort in your home.

Discover the wide product range from Brennenstuhl and find the right electrical device for your requirements.