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LED Bars

In the LED Bars category we offer a wide range of high-quality LED lights for different applications.
The LED bars are from the well-known manufacturer Showtec, which is known for its long-lasting and high-quality products.

LED bars are particularly flexible and are perfect for use in professional environments such as theaters and clubs , concerts and events. They offer precise and even lighting and can be controlled in different colors and intensities.

The media panels are particularly suitable for media projection and offer high brightness and excellent image quality. Spotlights and panel lights LED bars are particularly reliable and are perfect for use in professional environments such as theaters, clubs, concerts and events.

In addition, LED bars are easy to install and operate, which makes them particularly suitable for Users who have little experience in the field of lighting technology. We also offer a wide range of accessories such as mounting materials and cables that are necessary for a flawless and safe installation.

Another important aspect when choosing the right LED bars is energy efficiency. The LED bars are particularly energy efficient and offer a long service life, making them a cost-effective choice for professional applications. They allow you to reduce your energy costs while maintaining excellent lighting.

We also offer a wide range of DMX controls that allow you to control your LED bars via a simple control interface. This allows you to control the lighting precisely and flexibly to create the perfect atmosphere for your events.

Overall, the LED bars category in our online shop Licht-produktiv offers a wide selection of high-quality LED lights for professional applications.
The listed products are of the highest quality and are from reputable brands known for their durability and reliability.
We also offer world-class customer service and are always available to help you choose the right products for your needs.