The PROTRAC trusses are made of robust aluminum and offer high stability and load-bearing capacity.
The low weight of the trusses enables a higher net load capacity for your winches or drivers.
Compared to traditional flying beam systems, the ProTrac system drastically reduces the horizontal bending caused by loads on the flying beams.

The PROTRAC trusses are easy to assemble and transport and are suitable for Used in many different applications. The flexible components can be combined and connected to one another as required.
The PROTRAC trusses can replace conventional flying beam systems in theaters or other venues without making any changes to the existing installation.

The steel cables of the existing system can be easily connected to the adjustable suspension points of the PROTRAC components.
Our PROTRAC trusses are available in various sizes and designs and offer high load capacity.

The PROTRAC rigging solutions are perfectly matched to the truss systems and offer additional options and a high load weight.
In addition, the ProTrac flying beam system is equipped with yellow end caps to increase visibility on the to increase the stage and thus offer an additional safety margin for technicians and actors.

The ProTrac calculation methods correspond to DIN 56921.
Discover the advantages of the PROTRAC trusses now and let ours convince you experienced team will advise you on selecting the right trusses and rigging solutions for your requirements.