SKU: PC-H30V-L300-RAL9005
SKU: PC-H30V-L200-RAL9005
SKU: PC-H30V-L100-RAL9005
SKU: PC-H40V-L200-RAL9005

Prolyte 4 point trusses - stability and safety for your events!

Our 4 point trusses offer you a reliable and stable solution for your events, whether for concerts or trade fairs or other events.
These trusses are particularly suitable for applications with higher load capacity or larger spans.
They are made from high-quality aluminum and meet the highest quality standards.

As an official distributor of Prolyte trusses, we offer you a large selection of high-quality products from this renowned manufacturer.
We pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible quality at a fair price.

Our experienced experts are available to answer your questions and provide advice to help you find the right system for your individual requirements.
We offer you different sizes and designs so that you can find the right system for your needs Find event.
With our 4-point trusses, we offer you a reliable and safe solution to make your event safe.