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SEEBURG acoustic line

Founded in 1985 by Winfried Seeburg and today 23 employees work for Seeburg acoustic line.

The main focus is on the development, production and distribution of professional loudspeaker systems for mobile and permanently installed applications.

Seeburg's philosophy is that people determine the sound, not the loudspeaker. That's why Seeburg loudspeakers are built as tools for musicians and producers that reproduce the sound true to the original. The development team is constantly working on technical improvements and new ideas, always keeping an eye on the requirements of the current market.

The Seeburg brand stands for high-quality sound boxes and speakers that are perfect for use in displays, studios and sound systems. Particularly noteworthy is the Atelier series, which impresses with its excellent sound quality and modern design.

Another highlight is the GALEO Line Array System, which impresses with its first-class performance and professional design. This system is perfect for large events and concerts.

Licht-produktiv offers you a large selection of speaker systems from Seeburg that offer the perfect solution for every need and every application. Whether for your studio, your event or your sound system - Seeburg loudspeakers ensure an incomparable sound experience.

Another highlight of the Seeburg brand are the loudspeakers for displays. These loudspeakers are specially designed to be used in displays and, thanks to their compact design and high performance, offer a perfect solution for use in shops, trade fair stands and exhibitions.

The Seeburg loudspeaker systems are through known for their high-quality workmanship and long service life. They are also very easy to install and maintain. Seeburg also offers a wide range of accessories and spare parts so that you can always keep your loudspeaker system in perfect condition.

If you are looking for a high-quality and professional solution for your sound and sound reproduction, then Seeburg speakers are the perfect choice for you.

Another highlight of the Seeburg brand is the ability to adapt the loudspeaker systems to the individual needs of the customer. Seeburg offers the option of configuring the loudspeaker systems as desired, for example by selecting specific drivers or adjusting the housing color.

The integration of Seeburg loudspeaker systems into existing sound systems is also uncomplicated and simply. Seeburg speakers can be easily combined with other brands and devices to achieve an optimal sound experience.

By working with renowned sound engineers and music producers, Seeburg is constantly developing new technologies and improved sound solutions. Seeburg products are known for their high quality and reliability.

Discover the advantages of Seeburg loudspeakers now and order your desired loudspeaker system from Licht-produktiv today. With Seeburg loudspeakers you will experience an incomparable sound experience and benefit from the flexibility and reliability of these high-quality products.