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Who doesn't know it, the day of the event is approaching and the entire lighting technology is well planned. But suddenly you notice that an important cable is missing or that you don't have the right covers for the headlights at hand has. So what to do?

Just take a look at our lighting accessories. Here you will find all types of cables and connectors used in lighting technology. You can use them to power your devices, establish a DMX connection, and transmit other signals from one device to another. In order to avoid annoying cable clutter, cable drums are used.

Curtains were also thought of. With our flame-retardant stage curtains and Molton, manufactured according to current safety regulations, will make the unveiling and design of your stage something truly unique. Here too, great importance is placed on safety, so don't forget to purchase the right fastening items for the fabrics.

To ensure that your equipment gets from one place to another undamaged, we have high-quality cases from the companies DAP Audio< /a> and Roadinger available. This means you no longer have to worry about anything happening to your valuable lighting equipment.

Last but not least, it should be mentioned that you can also find smaller accessories here, such as covers, filters, Music stand lights< /a> and other consumable items.

We offer everything you need for professional lighting - from stage curtains and cable drums to signal cables, light filters and filter frames.
With the control cables (DMX cables), power cables, plugs and cases, you have everything you need for a reliable and safe power supply.

When it comes to transporting your lighting technology, we have it also a wide selection of cases and bags that have been specially developed for transporting lighting equipment.
The cases are robust and offer the perfect protection for your equipment.

We offer a large selection of stage curtains in a variety of sizes and materials to ensure you get exactly what you need.
We only offer you the best branded products so you can rely on outstanding quality.