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Do you want to immerse your guests in a fantastic and incredible world? Offer you an experience you won't forget for a long time? Then think about a laser show. Synchronized to the music and adapted to the local conditions, you are sure to create a breathtaking show.

For beginners, the cheaper and usually two-color lasers are best suited. They are most often used in bars, small clubs or at private parties. They can be used to create effects such as levels, tunnels, grids and waves. As a result, they manage to put on an interesting show.

However, if you are looking for a professional-class device, then look at the
RGB or RGBV -Laser over. They guarantee a unique show with a WOW effect. Whether it's a graphic or beam show, there are no limits here. This type of laser is often used in large nightclubs and on stages at concerts or festivals.

Since safety is very important to us, please always inform yourself about the correct handling of lasers. It is also recommended to attend a laser protection seminar. Please also ensure that unauthorized persons are not near the device under any circumstances.

If you keep this in mind, your event is guaranteed to be a success!

Here you will find everything about lasers, RGB, RGBV and laser show accessories.
Whether you are a professional organizer or simply Just want to spice up your next party, our extensive range of lasers and accessories allow you to take your event to a whole new level.
With our lasers you can take your light show to the next level and with the latest RGB and RGBV technologies the color combinations are almost endless.

The lasers are synchronized with music and allow you to Transform your music into an immersive light show.
Our range also includes a wide range of laser show accessories, including power supplies, cables, controls and more.

We also offer bundle deals that include everything you need for an incredible laser show at an affordable price.
With our bundles, you don't have to search and buy each product individually, but have it Everything at once and you can concentrate fully on your event.