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Discover the world of innovative lighting technology from CLF on Licht-produktiv. Our CLF LED fixtures are the perfect choice for professional applications in event technology, clubs and studios. They are powerful, reliable and offer a wide range of possibilities for creative lighting productions.

Our CLF moving heads offer you countless possibilities to make your events, shows and concerts an unforgettable experience. They offer high performance, fast movements and a variety of colors and effects.

We also offer CLF vintage lighting that brings the charm and atmosphere of bygone decades to your events. These fixtures have excellent light quality and an authentic design.

Our range also includes CLF cases, which transport and store your lighting technology safely and stylishly. Our CLF fog machines and smoke machines complete our range and ensure spectacular effects on stage or in the club.

All of our CLF products are made from high-quality materials and offer a long service life. We also offer spare parts and accessories to keep your CLF lighting technology always in perfect condition.

Another advantage of CLF lighting technology is energy efficiency. CLF LED fixtures and moving heads are particularly energy efficient and help reduce power consumption and minimize environmental impact. These fixtures are also particularly durable and require less maintenance than conventional lighting technology.

Our CLF lighting technology is also particularly user-friendly. They offer simple operation and programmable features that allow you to quickly and easily customize your lighting effects.

Our customer service is always available to help you choose the right CLF lighting technology for your applications .

We also offer you the right solutions for protecting and storing your CLF lighting technology. Our CLF cases are specially developed for storing and transporting CLF lighting technology and ensure safe protection against damage and impacts.

We also offer spare parts and accessories to keep your CLF lighting technology always in perfect condition . These include, for example, lamps, power cables, DMX cables, remote controls and much more.

Licht-produktiv is your reliable partner for CLF lighting technology. We offer you a wide range of CLF products in different designs and from renowned brands. We also offer customized solutions and accessories to perfectly meet your needs.