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Lamps / Light bulbs

The world of light bulbs is very large and it is easy to make mistakes when choosing the right light bulb. However, if your device is not equipped with LEDs, you cannot avoid using these lamps. To make your search easier, our lamp types are sorted according to their connection points and the different types of bases. With PAR spotlights this is even easier, as you just need to know what they are for a type of headlight you own.

UV lamps stand out here as a special light source. In dark rooms, they make any white surface shine. This will make your guests' smiles appear even brighter. Often used as a black light tube or black light bulb, they are a special highlight at every party.

The necessary accessories, such as color filters, are of course also provided .

With the high-quality lamps and light sources, you can set the scene perfectly for your rooms.
No matter whether you want to equip a club or a private event - you will find the right lighting equipment with us.

Lamps for different base sizes offer you maximum flexibility when choosing your lighting.
We offer lamps for all common base types, giving you a wide selection of suitable light sources.

UV lamps and tubes are perfect for black light effects and give your rooms a unique light .