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Sound is an important part of event technology and mainly refers to the processing and playback of music. Whether as a quiet background noise during a wedding or as the main attraction during a stage show, music always helps create a certain atmosphere.

Loudspeakers have a big influence on whether a concert is a success or a flop. If the quality of the sound transmission is poor, the audience cannot enjoy the true range of music produced. We therefore offer you a large selection of high-quality sound systems, Controllers and Amplifiers. Both individual aktiv or passive speakers, as well as complete sets.

For a successful DJ or band performance, we have a variety of analogue and digitalen Mixing consoles on offer. A combination of mixers, such as console, rack or Powermixer, and Speakers guarantees that your event will be a complete success.

Another component of sound technology are microphones. Here, too, there are different types that are used in different areas of application. Hand-held microphones, for example, are suitable for both singing and moderation. However, if you are looking for something that gives your stage performers more freedom of movement, then our lavalier microphones are suitable.

The topic of sound also includes conference- and communicationstechnology. So whether you're holding conferences in preparation for your event or want to stay in touch with your team on the day of the event, we'll equip you with the technology you need.

Of course you can also find accessories such as Audiotools, Stands, Plugs and Protective covers .

If you have any further questions or would like to receive personal advice, we are happy to help you!