The event technology includes not only Light and Sound. No, the video category is also very important. Whether cutting videos or creating special effects, you can do it all with our video technology.

Since moving images are often used for advertising purposes (e.g. at trade fairs), the playback device should be at eye level with the visitors. This can be accomplished with our mounts and tripods for plasma televisions and projectors. Whether the image projected by the projectors is of good or poor quality depends largely on the surface. If it is not a flat, white surface, simply use one of our canvases.

LED walls, on the other hand, are often used as decorative elements at festivals and concerts. They can be used to play complex videos (football games) or simpler colors and shapes. Some variants are only suitable for indoor use, while others can also be used outdoors.

If you want to edit or stream live performances or pre-recorded video files, then take a look at our Video Mixers a> over. They can be used to edit and synchronize both audio and video files.

The video converters make it possible to convert existing HDMI signals into SDI signals. As the name suggests, amplifiers amplify an audio/video signal.

Our range of cables, Video Software and accessories offers you everything you might otherwise need.