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Fog machines & accessories

Whether fog, haze, foam or soap bubbles, with our special effects machines there is something for every need!
Fog machines have become an integral part of clubs around the world these days. They create fog with a medium to very high density and thus underline the effect of the music. For a brief moment everything and everyone disappears behind a wall of smoke and you concentrate completely on the beat. To make the use of these machines even more impressive, it is possible to add various fragrances to the fog fluids. Whether sweet or fruity, this is a great way to turn your event into a true sensory experience for your guests.

The use of Hazers, on the other hand, is intended to produce a fine haze. This is mainly used to create unique lighting effects. As soon as colorful light or laser beams hit these fine haze particles, it appears as if the entire fine mist has been colored in their color.

However, if you are looking for something to make a theme party or even a play seem even more real, our foam/snow machines the right thing. Depending on the strength of the foam produced, it can also serve as authentic snow. So nothing stands in the way of either the foam party in summer or the après ski in winter.

To give your party or wedding that special touch, we also offer soap bubble machines. Illuminated by the sun, the soap bubbles appear to shine in all the colors of the rainbow. Your little visitors will especially appreciate this effect.

The easy handling of all these machines is guaranteed by various control functions. It is possible to use a remote control, with cable or wireless, or to use DMX. They are filled with fluids corresponding to the device type.

Create a unique atmosphere at your event
The fog machines create dense fog in a very short time, creating a unique atmosphere for concerts, theater performances, weddings, parties and much more.
Using the hazers, hazers and snow machines, you can create different types of effects to amaze the audience.

With the use of a remote control, you can remotely control the fog machine and the intensity of the fog adjust.
If you are looking for a very special effect, you should take a look at the wind machines, which set the mist and other effects in motion, creating a dynamic atmosphere.

We also have fragrances and bubble machines our range.
You can add the fragrances to the machine and add an additional dimension of perception.
This way you can enhance the mood and take your guests to a completely different world.