Stage feet

Safe and even stages can only be created if high-quality stage feet are used. Of these, Prolyte has developed three different models.

This includes, for example, the standard stage feet. These low-tech feet can be attached with a simple movement and guarantee a secure hold of the stage. They are available in lengths 20cm-100cm.

The adjustable models, in turn, offer even better adaptation to the surface. Because their bases can move up to an angle of 5° and compensate for unevenness. They are also produced in lengths of 20cm-100cm.

Finally there are the telescopic stage feet. They combine adjustable heights with carrying high loads. The upper part of the foot can be extended using a crank. There is a measuring tape attached to it, which can be used to determine your final height precisely. They are available in lengths 45cm-60cm, 60cm-90cm and 90cm-140cm.

All of these foot variants can be easily attached to Prolyte Decks by using a one-hand lever. No additional tools are required for attachment.