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What use is the most beautiful stage set if it's in the dark? Since the beginning of time, light has been the factor that makes the world shine. You too can make your event shine in as many different ways as the sun underlines the landscape. Whether you want to perfectly stage your entire event on a small scale, with individual accents for individual objects or on a large scale - Licht-produktiv is your competent contact.

In our range we offer you an extensive selection of lighting technology. Starting with individual headlights, lasers and moving light up to complete light sets, LED technology, fog machines as well as stage and Theater lighting. Of course, you will also find the corresponding lighting control from us. We offer you professional lighting equipment at a low price.

You don't have your own concept yet? No problem! We accompany you, from planning to implementation. Thanks to our years of experience in event management, you will receive your individual lighting concept perfectly tailored to your needs.