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Light controls & dimmers

Perfect control over your lighting

Lighting control panels are an indispensable means of lighting technology. The various functions of Moving Heads, Headlights and other alternators can be effectively controlled. This is made possible by DMX (Digital MultipleX). Lighting engineers have been relying on this system for many years.

Entry-level lighting consoles usually have 512 DMX channels. However, only up to 16 alternators are supported. With professional devices, however, there are no limits to the DMX channels. Accordingly, 40 devices or more can be controlled with one console. The number of controllable devices also depends on their functions. Rotary movements, rotations, Special effects, color changes etc. each take up a DMX channel. It is therefore possible to control individual lighting devices and adapt their functions. The lighting control can also be saved on the console before a show and reworked later on the computer using DMX software.

In order to carry out dimming processes on several headlights at the same time, Dimmer is connected to the light mixer and Alternator interposed. They can be used to regulate the intensity of the light emitted. The command comes from the control panel and is forwarded via the dimmer to the headlights.

Switch packs are switched similarly to dimmers. However, you only have the task of turning devices on or off. This is often used in theater. This means that the stage can be effectively and quickly completely darkened to match the scene. Dimmers, on the other hand, are more suitable for stage shows and concerts, as a wide variety of dimmer curves are used more often there.

From compact controllers to comprehensive lighting control panels, we offer a wide range of solutions to control your lighting in any situation.
The dimmers allow you to adjust not only the brightness of your lighting, but also its color temperature and intensity.

DMX software allows you to further improve your control over your light.
With our switch packs and wireless DMX systems, you can even control your lighting wirelessly and enjoy complete freedom.

With the right accessories, you can adapt our controls perfectly to your needs.

Whether for stage shows, music concerts or private events - precise control of the light contributes significantly to creating the right atmosphere.
Here at licht-produktiv you will find a large selection of lighting controls and dimmers to perfectly control your lighting.