Wireless systems

Who doesn't know the all-too-annoying cable tangle. Regardless of what kind of stage show you produce, you always have to be careful not to trip over the misplaced cables . The development of wireless connections is now counteracting this. So why buy a device that adds to this mess? Our wireless systems put an end to this!

All you need is a pocket transmitter, receiver and end device and you can easily switch to wireless microphones without changing their design. With them you also get a crystal-clear sound that stands out even in the noisy stage environment. The wireless devices are available as handheld, lavalier, headset and instrument microphones. There are now no limits to your artists' freedom of movement.

Our in-ear monitoring is a good alternative to well-known monitor boxes. It offers singers and performers excellent sound quality that is completely unaffected by environmental influences. Since the foam pads, which are inserted into the ear canal, can be replaced, they can be easily adapted to different artists.

To ensure that your device runs smoothly, you can also purchase individual components and various accessories from us.

The wireless systems category at Licht-produktiv offers a wide selection of high-quality wireless systems for professional users in the music, event and sound technology industries. Our range includes both wired and wireless systems, allowing you to optimize the sound quality of events and recordings.

Our wireless systems are suitable for a wide range of applications, from vocals and instrument recordings to presentations and interviews . We offer both dynamic and condenser microphones that are characterized by their excellent sound quality and robustness.

We also offer wireless microphone systems for use on stage and at live events. These systems make it possible to improve sound quality by eliminating annoying cable connections. They are ideal for use in music and theater performances, presentations and interviews.

Our guitar transmitter systems make it possible to improve the sound quality of guitars and bass guitars while increasing freedom of movement on stage. These systems are ideal for use during live performances and ensure natural sound reproduction of the instruments.

Our wireless systems come from well-known manufacturers such as Sennheiser, Mipro and LD Systems. These brands represent the highest quality and reliability and are known in the industry for their innovative technologies and excellent sound quality. By working with these brands, we can offer our customers a wide range of high-quality products that meet the needs of professional users.

We also offer accessories such as chargers, batteries and transport cases that ensure smooth operation of wireless systems are necessary. We also offer training and workshops so that our customers can exploit the full potential of their new wireless systems.

Overall, the Wireless Systems category at Licht-produktiv offers a wide selection of high-quality wireless systems for professional users in the music, Event and sound technology industry. We ensure that our customers always receive the best sound quality and can hold their events successfully.