LED walls / modules

You can do a lot with our LED walls. They are often used at festivals and concerts to accompany musical acts through the use of a wide variety of colors and shapes. During public viewing, however, they are the focus as they broadcast games that travel with them. All of our high-resolution LED panels guarantee bright and color-intensive projections, which the audience will follow spellbound.

Both LED walls and soft displays are available. Both offer you maximum creative freedom. However, due to its flexible design, the soft display has the advantage of being able to adapt to a wide variety of surfaces. This makes them also suitable for wrapping columns, for example. Some of them can be installed not only in rooms but also in outdoor areas. Since there are different lighting conditions here and the spectators are at different distances from the screen, it is possible to have them with you different pixel pitches. The individual LEDs are able to create RGB color mixtures and thus reproduce colors realistically. Some models are suitable as short-term structures or as permanent installations.