Transport trolleys and racks

At Admiral, handiness and comfort are very important. True to this motto, they have designed effective solutions for the transport of event equipment. Whether lighting technology, truss or cables, the assembly and dismantling of stages and truss structures becomes child's play.

With Admirals Stage Deck Dollies, up to 6 stage platforms can be transported ergonomically. The work is therefore carried out as gently as possible on the back. The traverse transport is also carried out perfectly using the so-called Teckel and the Strong Boy. While the Teckel combinations can be adapted to individual needs, the Strong Boy is particularly characterized by its slip resistance. Both are suitable for 30 and 40 truss. But floor tiles are also provided. The Baseplate Cart is available in different sizes and can be used to transport 4 to 6 baseplates. To ensure that even small parts don't get lost in the hustle and bustle, Admiral produces the storage boxes. And finally there are the transport trolleys for lighting technology such as moving heads, lighting bars and spotlights. These are available in different heights and lengths.