Stage platform railings

If you want to secure the boundaries of the stage for performers and stage workers or to demarcate stands and other structures for the audience, railings should be used.

Prolyte offers the EasyRail for this purpose. Depending on the area of ​​application, it is available with a possible weight load of 30-60kg/m or 100-200kg/m. The former are available either as a fixed length (1 or 2m) or with adjustable lengths. However, they can only be used on parts of the stage that are away from the audience. The 100kg/m version, on the other hand, is only available as 1m or 2m pieces and is suitable for coming into contact with the audience.

It is important to always note which pedestals were installed. Because only Prolytes TopLine is able to carry the heavier railing. To connect the floor panels and railings to each other, various tenons are used.

Finally, you will also find various stair railings in our range.