Special effects

The dance floor is filled with people, the fog is wafting in the room and rays of light color the air in all the colors of the rainbow. The beat reaches its climax and then changes suddenly. The Confetti Shooter ignite and the crowd goes wild. It's raining gold and silver. These special effects are mood makers and heat up any event.

Stage shows in particular become a real spectacle as soon as our special effects are used. With our high-quality selection of fog, foam and soap bubble machines as well as hazers you can do that for your party miss something special. But it's not just the eyes that are treated to something special, the sense of smell can also be stimulated by adding fragrances. Scents like Caipirinha and Tutti-Frutti transform the evening into a true sensory experience for your audience.

Do you want to bathe the room in a sea of ​​glitter and get the crowds going again? Then our confetti cannons are just the thing!

Whether filled with confetti or streamers, whether colorful or with a metallic look, everything is available from us. You can choose between handheld shooters and electric shooters. The latter offer simplified handling, as the shooters are fired from launching ramps, which are triggered by a remote control.

Do you obviously want to bathe your audience in ice at an après ski party? That's what our CO2 Ice Gun is for. It shoots cryogenic clouds of fog that are a spectacular eye-catcher for DJs and stage shows.