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The music is playing, the crowd is swaying to the beat and the room is filled with bright colors. Only through the use of lighting effects can the right atmosphere of a party be created. Our headlights make a big contribution to this. They are available in many different shapes and colors. They are generally divided into two groups – the conventional PAR spotlights and their LED variants.

The PAR spotlights are divided into groups from PAR 16 to PAR 64. PAR 36, PAR 56 and PAR 64 are the types that are most frequently used in professional event technology. A light bulb must be inserted into it as a light source. These are available in narrow, medium and flood versions and thus influence the shape of the jet. In this variant, however, colors or different lighting effects can only be created using externally added filters (available in “Accessories for headlight housings a>”). They can be attached to the trusses using a handle or simply placed on the floor using a floor stand.

The newer LED PAR spotlights are more versatile in their use. The LEDs can be controlled individually through individual pixel control. This gives the user control over color and beam effects.
The headlight pixels are available as either tri-color or quad-color (RGB or RGBW).
Newer versions are also able to use Zoom. They are connected to a controller via a DMX connection. However, it is also possible to set it to the master/slave function or music timing.

Other LED effect machines are blinders,
Stroboscopes, pursuers and floodlights. They create impressive special effects and are often used in clubs or during stage shows.

The LED headlights are particularly flexible and are perfect for use in different environments and applications.
They can be used to change the colors of a room or environment, to improve the mood or create a specific atmosphere.

Another advantage is the possibility of control via DMX Controls. This allows you to control your lighting precisely and flexibly and allows you to synchronize and program your lighting effects.

We also offer a variety of accessories such as cases, mounting material and controls to make your Install and operate headlights properly and safely.
Our experienced team is available at any time to help you choose the right spotlights for your requirements and will be happy to advise you on planning your lighting installation.

We also offer you in our Category spotlights also a wide range of innovative technology such as RGBW LEDs, which allow you to create and combine a variety of colors and color temperatures.
This allows you to produce a wide range of colors and color temperatures to suit your needs and make your events even more impressive.

The spotlights are also particularly robust and durable, making them ideal for for use in professional environments. They are resistant to shock and vibration, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.

We offer you a satisfactory and hassle-free order as well as excellent customer service.