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Theater lighting

The theater offers many people a good chance to escape from everyday life and completely immerse themselves in what is happening on stage. But only if the lighting is right in addition to the acting, the piece will have the desired effect on the audience. Theater spotlights set accents and emphasize what is happening on stage. They manage to underline the mood of the characters and influence the atmosphere of a scene.

There are 4 types of commonly used theater spotlights. The PC lens headlights create a clearly defined cone of light and are therefore similar to a spotlight. Since they do not produce scattered light, they are used to create highlights on the stage from a greater distance.

The profile spotlights are similar to the PC spotlights. They also create a clear circle of light. However, this can easily be reduced or enlarged, made sharper or blurrier using a slider. It also produces little scattered light and can therefore be placed at a greater distance from the stage. The advantage that this device offers is that the use of gobos is also possible.

The most commonly used headlight is the Fresnel lens, also known as Fresnel. The beam has softer edges than the PC and can illuminate a larger area of ​​the stage. However, the problem here is that a lot of scattered light is emitted and the headlights have to be attached close to the stage must in order not to blind the audience.

Finally, there are the floodlights. They are used when large areas need to be irradiated. That's why they don't create a focused beam but rather a fairly washed out light.

Various accessories for all of our halogen spotlights can be found in "Accessories for theater spotlights" .

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They are easy to control and offer you a variety of options to design your rooms and events according to your wishes.

Our products are designed to provide you with the best possible lighting for your events. By using high-quality lenses and LED technology, you get an even and powerful light distribution, allowing you to optimally illuminate every corner of the stage.

They are also particularly energy efficient, which can help you reduce your energy costs to lower. The ability to control light and the use of LED technology allows you to adjust the lighting intensity and color as needed.

We also offer a wide range of accessories, such as mounts and tripods, to help you customize your Be able to set up theater spotlights safely and stably.

It is important that the lighting for theater performances and other events is of professional quality in order to achieve optimal effect. Our theater spotlights are designed to give you the best possible lighting so you can create your events in a very special way.

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