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Our climbing harnesses from Edelrid set standards in terms of comfort, safety and functionality.
They are ergonomically designed and offer an optimal fit for maximum comfort.

The high-quality materials and precise workmanship ensure reliable security when climbing. Regardless of whether you are an experienced mountaineer or an enthusiastic beginner, with the climbing harnesses from Edelrid you are well equipped.

A tether is an indispensable element when climbing and mountaineering. Edelrid offers the highest quality tethers that give you confidence and security.
They are robust, light and easy to handle. Rely on Edelrid to ensure your safety on the mountain.

Our backpacks from Edelrid are perfect for demanding mountain sports.
They offer enough storage space for your equipment and are comfortable to carry at the same time.
With clever functions such as practical compartments, ergonomic carrying systems and robust materials, they are the ideal companions for long days in the mountains.

The safety rope is a crucial element in alpine activities.
Edelrid offers safety ropes of the highest quality that meet the strict standards for mountain sports.
They offer high breaking strength, low stretch and reliable knotability. Trust Edelrid to ensure your safety every step of the way on the mountain.