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The development of the microphone is closely linked to that of the telephone. Since there are many different types and brands of telephones today, it can be deduced that the further development of the microphone hasn't stopped. They are therefore available today in many different forms and are used in a wide variety of areas.

Live performances are the heart of the microphone industry. A lot is demanded of the microphones here, as they have to deliver a powerful and genuine sound. Vocal microphones are divided into two different categories: dynamic and condenser microphone. The dynamic variant tends to have less disruptive feedback and is generally the more resilient model of the two. However, the condenser microphone delivers a better sound thanks to the higher manufacturing effort.

If the freedom of movement of presenters, singers or musical actors is not to be restricted, headsets or lavalier microphones should be used. Due to their small size and weight, they are particularly inconspicuous types of microphones that can be easily integrated into an outfit or costume. They also guarantee excellent sound quality.

Instruments, on the other hand, have a wide variety of sound characteristics. That's why you can't use the microphones just described here, but instead you should use special instrument microphones. Depending on the type of instrument, these are attached directly to the instrument or placed near it. For Drums in particular, depending on their components (bass drums, snares or toms), different microphones are required.

Last but not least, you will also find all the accessories you might need in our shop. Brackets and microphone stands, for example, make handling the microphones easier. A windscreen can be used to ensure excellent sound even when recording outdoors. This is simply placed over the headboard and is available in different colors.

The Microphones category at Licht-produktiv offers a large selection of high-quality microphones for professional users in the music, event and sound engineering industries. Our range includes both wired and wireless microphone systems, allowing you to optimize the sound quality of events and recordings.

Our microphones are suitable for a wide range of applications, from vocals and instrument recordings to presentations and interviews . We offer both dynamic and condenser microphones that are characterized by their excellent sound quality and robustness.

We also offer wireless microphone systems for use on stage and at live events. These systems make it possible to improve sound quality by eliminating annoying cable connections. They are ideal for use in music and theater performances, presentations and interviews.

We also offer microphone stands for use in recording studios and at professional events. These stands make it possible to optimize the sound quality of microphones by placing the microphone in the correct position. Our microphone stands are available in different sizes and performance classes and are suitable for use in both small rooms and large events.

In our microphone category you will also find instrument microphones that have been specially developed for use in instrument recordings . These microphones are ideal for use with guitars, drums, pianos and other instruments and offer excellent sound quality.

Another highlight of our microphones category are the vocal microphones, which impress with their advanced technology and versatile functions. These microphones offer intuitive operation, making it possible to improve sound quality in real time and use countless sound editing options.

We also offer camera microphones and headset microphones that are specifically designed for use in film - and video recordings were developed. These microphones make it possible to optimize the sound quality of films and videos by transmitting the audio signal directly to the camera.

Our microphones come from well-known manufacturers such as Sennheiser, Mipro, König & Meyer and Numark. These brands represent the highest quality and reliability and are known in the industry for their innovative technologies and excellent sound quality. By working with these brands, we can offer our customers a wide range of high-quality products that meet the needs of professional users.

Our microphones are ideal for use in recording studios, on stage, at live events and when recording music. They make it possible to improve the sound quality by recording the audio signal directly and adjusting the volume, frequency range and directionality of the microphone.

We also offer accessories such as microphone cables and batteries that are necessary for smooth operation of the microphones.

We also offer protective covers and transport cases that help protect and transport the microphones from damage. These protective covers and transport cases are available in different sizes and materials and offer additional protection for the microphones.

Our microphones are available in different price ranges to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. We offer both inexpensive entry-level models and high-quality professional models that are characterized by their excellent sound quality and robustness.

We ensure that our customers always receive the best sound quality and hold their events successfully can.