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Neumann Berlin
- a company with a long tradition.< /i>

Founded in Berlin in 1928 by Georg Neumann, the company was not only concerned with the development of microphones, but also with the development of record cutting machines and rechargeable batteries.

Neumann Berlin also built very individually configurable sound systems for many years. These sound systems were used in radio studios, theaters and concert halls.

Neumann Berlin has been part of the Sennheiser group of companies since 1991 and has become an important part of this group.

The experiences from the field of Neumann Berlin has been bringing electro-acoustic transducer technology into the field of studio monitors since 2010. Neumann studio monitors therefore ensure an optimal sound solution for customers in the areas of TV, radio, recording and production.

In 2019, the next logical step was taken with the introduction of Neumann headphones. The Neumann NH20 combines high sound isolation with a carefully balanced sound and outstanding resolution.

Neumann Berlin, a name that stands for high quality.