Aircones sail decoration

Decorations are what really breathe life into an event. This is just one of the many reasons why decorative elements should not be forgotten during the planning phase.

For example, covers can be used to hide larger constructions such as tripods or trusses from visitors' eyes. Chair and table covers are also common and look very elegant. They make the room shine in a uniform white. This means that color accents, such as those created by the table decorations, are better highlighted.

Other eye-catchers are sun sails and aircones. While the former also has a functional purpose, the Aircones are mainly used as an eye-catcher. Illuminated in bright colors, they succeed in illuminating the darkness of the night.

With our Moltons and thread curtains you can shield areas or reveal stages in a spectacular way. If this is to be used for smaller stages or other purposes, the Wentex curtain stand system is the right choice for you.

Finally, trade fair stands should also be decorated. The EasyCubes were developed specifically for this purpose. They make it possible to present your products and goods in an impressive way. Because the cubes can be designed according to your wishes, they fit perfectly into the design concept of your stand.