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Compact sound systems

Our compact sound systems make it easy for you to find the right device for your desired application, as the correct use of PA systems is essential for the success of an event.

All of our loudspeakers are either active or passive. With the passive variant, it is important to know that an amplifier is required to play music. The active speaker is already integrated into the device itself.

Depending on the radius of the desired sound field, both small, column and roller speakers are available. It is also possible to use these speakers flexibly or to install them permanently if continuous operation is desired. In order to cover a larger area with sound, the boxes should either Can be mounted on stands individually or in combination with subwoofers. Such compilations are also available in our shop.

Many devices have variable connection options, such as CD and MP3 players, iPods , instruments and microphones.

No matter whether DJ appearance, sports field event, sound system for schools or use in the catering industry, our Speaker sets adapt perfectly to your wishes.