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Audio tools

An event can only be carried out smoothly via the stage a> run when the cables also do their job. If there is any suspicion that something is not as it should be, our cable testers are used. They can be used to carry out continuity tests on cables and installations.

Before every event, not only cables but also speakers should be tested. Our speaker checkers from Showtec are suitable for this.
So take a look at our audio tools!

The audio tools category at Licht-produktiv offers a large selection of high-quality tools for professional users in the music, event and sound technology industries. Our products make it possible to optimize the sound quality of events and recordings and meet the technical requirements of professional users.

Our DI boxes are ideal for use in live events and recordings. They make it possible to convert signals from unbalanced sources such as guitars, basses or keyboards into balanced signals in order to achieve optimal sound quality.

Our adapters allow different connections to be connected to each other and are therefore ideal for use at live events and recordings. Our cable testers make it possible to check cables for functionality in order to avoid failures and optimize sound quality.

Our sound level meters make it possible to measure the sound levels of events and ensure that the applicable noise protection regulations are adhered to

Our range of audio tools comes from well-known manufacturers such as DAP, DBX and Palmer Pro. These brands represent the highest quality and reliability and are known in the industry for their innovative technologies and outstanding performance. By working with these leading brands, we can offer our customers a wide range of high-quality and reliable audio tools.

The range of audio tools at Licht-produktiv also includes accessories such as cables, connectors and brackets that are suitable for a The tools need to function properly. Our products are robust and durable and are perfect for use in professional conditions.

Our experts are happy to advise our customers on choosing the right audio tools for their needs and are always ready to answer questions and provide assistance afford.

Discover the wide selection of audio tools at Licht-produktiv now and optimize the sound quality of your events and recordings. With our range of high-quality and reliable products from leading brands such as DAP, DBX and Palmer Pro, you are well equipped for professional requirements.