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It all started in 1948 with the invention of the long-playing record. Before the time of MP3 audio files and CDs, record players dominated the DJ market. But they still shape it so much today that more and more DJs have been using them again in recent years.

A general distinction is made between two types of turntables with different drive types: direct drive and belt drive. In the former, the axis of the drive motor is also the axis of the turntable. This means that, for example, motor noises can be heard when scratching, but the record player is generally more robust and durable. With a belt drive, the motor rotation is transmitted to the turntable using a rubber belt. This minimizes unwanted vibrations, but at the same time has the disadvantage that the belt can slip when the plate is moved externally. This type of turntable is therefore not suitable for all DJ applications.

Before buying, think carefully about what you want to use your turntables for.