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DJ headphones

Are you just getting into DJing and want to know what to look out for when buying DJ headphones or have you been in the DJ business for a while and are thinking about getting one Buying a new headphone model?
First of all, headphones are the most important accessory for mixing, whether in the studio, in the club or at the festival. You can listen to the music from the different channels and find the right track. The headphones are also an important companion when you're on the go, as they can be used individually.
What distinguishes DJ headphones from "normal headphones" is the frequency level, sound quality and the isolation of the ears from the environment. This is important so that you can concentrate only on the sound of the music and at the same time block out the disturbing ambient noise. In our opinion, this is best done with over-ear headphones with active noise reduction to cancel out sound using destructive interference.
If you want to buy new DJ headphones, it's best to try out a few different models yourself in advance, because every DJ has his or her personal preferences when it comes to handling, workmanship, sound quality or comfort.

We have summarized the most important arguments for you; you should consider these following points when buying DJ headphones:

The weak point in DJ headphones is usually the cable and the joints between the headband and the ear cups.

The cabling should be on one side, i.e. only on one of the ear cups to be appropriate. The cable should also be replaceable so that you don't have to replace the entire headphone if the cable is defective. It is also better if the headphones do not have their own plug format, but rather a standardized one. Otherwise it can quickly become expensive and complicated if you want to buy a plug.

The ear cups of the headphones can be rotated or swiveled so that you can also Can hear on one side while the other ear remains free? Are the DJ headphones foldable (also practical and space-saving)?

Sound insulation & sound:
DJ headphones in particular must be insulated in such a way that they significantly attenuate ambient noise . In addition, the maximum volume should be high enough so that you can still hear what's going on in the headphones in a loud club - without damaging your hearing. Bass and kick drum must also be heard clearly and distinctly. Technical data such as impedance or the frequency range only provide slight guidance.

Good DJ headphones should, if possible, not weigh more than 300 g, and they must also be attached to the Ear cups have good padding so that a gig lasting several hours doesn't become torture. Models with memory foam that adapts to your ear are suitable here.

Basically, you should test different headphone models, because the size of your ears matters It also plays a role in whether you find over-the-ear or over-the-ear DJ headphones more comfortable.