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Mixing consoles

Mixing consoles are the heart of every music event. Whether DJ performance or live band, Mixers are essential. Above all, they influence the sound of the music produced.

In our range you will find both analogue and digital mixing consoles. Analogues offer the advantage of being the cheaper and easier to understand variant with fewer channel outputs. Digital desks, on the other hand, require greater skill to use as one button can have multiple functions. However, with a higher number of channels, they save space and are therefore cheaper.

Since analog mixers are currently more widespread, there are many different types with different areas of application. Depending on how many microphone (XLR inputs) and other audio connections you need, we offer different sizes.

As the name suggests, our Small mixers are relatively compact and have many Effect functions on board. This makes them well suited for beginners and small mobile groups.

The mobile aspect is also very important for our rack mixers. They can be mounted in cases and combined with other sound technology components such as equalizers and power amplifiers.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use device for a school event or club, our power mixers are the right thing. They are a cost-effective variant because they already have a built-in amplifier and can therefore be connected to passive loudspeakers.

With our console mixers you get from 24-? Channels everything. Often used in professional recording studios or large events, they are the big brother of the small mixers.

The mixing consoles category at Licht-produktiv offers a wide selection of high-quality mixing consoles for professional users in the music, event and sound technology industries. Whether for use on stage, in the studio or at live events, you will find the right equipment for your needs here.

Our range includes both digital and analog mixing consoles in different sizes and performance classes. For use on stage, for example, we offer stage boxes that have a variety of inputs and outputs and ensure easy handling.

We also offer a large selection of mixers for use in the studio, from small, portable mixers to large, professional console mixers with 24 or 32 channels. These mixers offer a variety of functions and possibilities for sound processing and are ideal for use in recording studios and when recording music.

To protect your equipment, we also offer cases that protect the mixer from damage protect from dust, moisture and shock. These cases are robust and durable and enable the equipment to be transported safely.

Our mixers come from well-known manufacturers such as Allen & Heath and Yamaha. These brands represent the highest quality and reliability and are known in the industry for their innovative technologies and excellent sound quality. By working with these brands, we can offer our customers a wide range of high-quality products that meet the needs of professional users.

In addition to professional mixing consoles, we also offer smaller and simple mixers for use at small events or in the private sector. These mixers are easy to use and still offer the opportunity to mix multiple sources such as microphones, instruments and playback devices while improving the sound quality.

A special highlight are our digital mixers, which are characterized by their advanced technology and their versatile functions impress. These mixers offer intuitive operation, allowing you to improve sound quality in real time and use countless sound editing options. They are ideal for use at professional events and in recording studios.

In our mixing consoles category you will also find accessories such as microphone stands, cables and power supplies that are necessary for the smooth operation of the mixer. We also offer training and workshops so that our customers can exploit the full potential of their new mixer.

Overall, the mixing consoles category at Licht-produktiv offers a wide selection of high-quality mixing consoles for professional users in the music, Event and sound technology industry. With our range of mixers, stage boxes, cases and accessories, as well as training and workshops, we are able to offer our customers a complete solution for their requirements. We work with well-known brands such as Allen & Heath and Yamaha, who stand for the highest quality and reliability, to offer our customers the best possible experience.