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No matter if you?re organizing a fashion show or concert, not only the artists and models are of big importance but also the ground they are performing on. But whether runway or stage, Prolyte?s stage decks are up to the job. 

The decks have been produced according to DIN 15921 and meet the safety regulations of DGUV 17, 18 §4 (formerly known as BGV-C1). By implementing these safety standards, which have been introduced in 2015, Prolyte is one step ahead of most of his competitors. With Prolyte stages also comes the advantage of having access to their static certifications. They also provide you with the information of how much weight can be put onto certain areas of the platforms.

The 2x1m standard decks come with an integrated centre brace. This enables them to carry loads of up to 750kg/m². They also balance out any vibrations or oscillations occurring due to external forces. Despite this extra brace, the decks have a very low weight and can be handled and assembled by only one person.

The legs are available as standard, adjustable or telescope models and come in different heights. Deck to deck connectors, deck to deck clamps and leg clamps should be used to safely connect the decks to each other. The assembly is made quick and easy by not having to use any extra tools.

And of course Prolyte hasn?t forgotten about railings, stairs and ramps either. The former are called EasyRails and can resists weights of 30-60kg/m or 100-200kg/m, depending on the type of EasyRails used. There are also no limits to the possible heights and widths of the stairs.

If you haven?t found the right stage size or shape yet, no problem. It is possible to order custom-made stages which, of course, conform to all necessary Euronorms.
Do you have any further questions? Then don?t hesitate to contact us, we?d be happy to assist you!