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Special Effects

The dance floor is packed with people and fog is wafting in the air, coloured in all shades of the rainbow by beams of light. The beat reaches its climax and then all of a sudden drops. The Confetti Shooters go off and the crowd is going wild. It?s raining gold and silver. These special effects are the life and soul of every party.

Using our special effects will turn stage show, especially, into a huge success. Our high-quality range of foam and bubble machines as well as foggers and hazers give your event the special something. But the effects these machines produce are not only pleasing to the eye; they can also entice your sense of smell by adding aromatic substances to the fluids powering the machine. Scents like caipirinha and tutti-frutti ensnare the senses of you audience.

Do you want to bathe the room in a sea of sparkles and hype up the crowd? Then our confetti shooters are what you?re looking for!
We offer both shooters filled with confetti and paper streamers, colourful or in a metallic look.  Choose between handheld shooters and electro shooters, with the latter ejecting the shooters from a launching platform, activated by remote control and therefore providing easier handling.    

Do you want to shower your audience in ice during an Après Ski party? That?s exactly what our ice guns were made for. Used by DJs and dancers, the emitted cryogenic fog is a true eye-catcher.