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Special effects have the power of making the happenings on stage more lively and colourful and turn every show into a truly amazing experience for the audience. Magic FX has realised the potential of this and has set itself the goal of designing new and innovative special effect machines. This Dutch company has over 20 years of experience and produces both hardware and consumables (confetti, FX fluids, streamer). Their devices enable musicians to fully capture their audiences’ attention and ensnare them in the rhythm of the music. Whether through turning the sky into a sea of confetti or bathing the stage in glowing red of fire or the chilling white of the CO2, these devices create a sensual experience.   

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Showtec Handheld streamer cannon Pro - 80cm White
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Showtec Electric streamer cannon - 50cm Silver Metallic
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Showtec Electric streamer cannon Pro - 80cm Silver Metallic
Available now!
10x Magic FX - Showtec Electric confetti cannon shooter...
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10x Showtec Handheld confetti canon Shooter 80cm - Silver...
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