Laserworld Showeditor Set - Lasershow Software

  • Interne Auflösung XY: 32 Bit
  • Farbauflösung RGBI: 8 Bit
  • Anzahl der Timeline Spuren: 48 Spuren auf 16 Spurenseiten + je 18 Effekte
  • Matrix Mapping: 16 Spurenseiten könenn auf bis zu 16 ILDA Interfaces ausgeben
Item no.: 7640144990251
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Do you want to immerse your audience in a fantastic and spectacular world? Offer them a show which they aren?t going to forget for a long time to come? Then a laser show is the answer. Synchronised to the music and adjusted to local conditions, this show is sure to be amazing.

Amateurs are advised to buy the more inexpensive lasers equipped with 2-3 colours. They are often found in bars, smaller clubs or at private functions and create effects such as layers, tunnels, bars and waves. Using one of these devices is sure to add a special something to your party.

If you are, however, interested in a high-end device then have a look at our RGB or RGBV laser. They are guaranteed to put on a show with wow-effect. Whether graphic or beam show, they are commonly used at big clubs or on stage during concerts or at festivals and there are hardly any limits to what these lasers can and cannot do.

Because we value safety highly, always make sure to be informed about the correct handling of the device. It is also advisable to visit laser safey seminars. Please also pay attention that no unauthorised person is ever in the proximity of the device.