LED Moving Lights

Showtec Shark Combi Spot One

  • Wash & Spot-in-one
  • Oled Display
  • Ir remote included
  • 30W + 6x 8W Q4 LED
Item no.: 45022

Showtec Shark Wash One - 7x 12W Q6

  • Extremely compact
  • Oled display
  • Ir remote included
  • RGBWA-UV Colors
Item no.: 45020

Showtec Expression 600Z - Beam-zoom

  • Wide zoom range
  • RGBW colormixing
  • Continious Pan movement
  • Compact size
Item no.: 41393

Showtec Kanjo Spot 10 -

  • Compact size
  • Gobo and color wheel
  • Sound Control
  • Master/Slave function
Item no.: 45010

Showtec Phantom 100 Spot

  • 7 Bi-Rotating gobo's & 8 colours
  • Pro Power In- & Output
  • Dual rotating overlaying prisms
  • Quick Lock Brackets
Item no.: 40077

ADJ American DJ Inno Pocket Z4

  • High output mini Moving Head with a bright 4 x 10W Quad RGBW LED source
  • 3 Operational modes: DMX Control, Sound Active Mode & Show Mode
  • 3 DMX Channel Modes: 16/19/22
  • 4 Built-in shows
Item no.: 1237000121

ADJ American DJ Pocket Pro

  • High output mini Moving Head with a bright white 25W LED source
  • 7 Colors + white
  • 7 replaceable gobos + spot
  • Includes kit of 4 additional GOBOs
Item no.: 1237000170

EUROLITE LED TMH-8 Moving Head Spot

  • Powerful QCL Moving Head
  • Equipped with a 10 W CREE quadcolor LED with RGBW colors
  • Compact lightweight
  • 14 or 5 DMX channels selectable for numerous applications
Item no.: 51785963

Showtec Phantom 30 LED Beam

  • 30W Beam effect
  • 14 Beam FX Gobos
  • 7 Dichroic colors
  • Built-in programs
Item no.: 40050

Showtec Shark Beam FX One

  • Eye-catching aerial effect
  • Oled display
  • Ir remote included
  • 3x 40W Q4 LED
Item no.: 45024

ADJ American DJ Illusion Dotz 4.4

  • Moving Head with 4X4 Matrix of Pixel controllable Tri color LEDs
  • Light Source: 16 X 30W RGB COB LEDs
  • 4 Operational modes: DMX, Master/Slave, Stand Alone & Sound Active
  • 3 DMX channel modes: 12, 14, or 59
Item no.: 1223200033

Cameo HYDRABEAM 400 RGBW - Lighting set with 4 ultra-fast 10 W CREE RGBW Quad LED Moving Heads

  • Product Type: LED moving light
  • Type: moving head
  • Colour Spectrum: RGBW
  • Number of LEDs: 4
Item no.: ADHCLHB400RGBW

Cameo HYDRABEAM 400 W - Lighting Set with 4 Ultra-fast 10 W Lumi-Engin LED Moving Heads

  • Product Type: LED moving light
  • Type: moving head
  • Colour Spectrum: white
  • Number of LEDs: 4
Item no.: ADHCLHB400W

EUROLITE TMH XB-130 Moving-Head-Beam

Item no.: 51786810

Showtec Phantom Matrix FX -

  • Character & Alphabet presets
  • Gobo & Animation macro's
  • Colorflow macro's
  • Incl. diffuser screen
Item no.: 40062
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LED Moving Lights

Moving Lights are one of the highlights of lighting design and are sure to capture the eyes of your visitors. No matter if wedding or stage show using lighting effects, such as changing colours or different types of beams, are sure to add the special touch to your event.

We therefore offer a great range of LED Moving Lights such as Spots, Beams and Washlights as well as Moving Heads and Moving Bars. A precise pixel-control of the COB-LEDs is ensured through DMX-Controlling in connection with a DMX-Controller.

In-built microphones make a connection between light and sound possible. Synchronising beams with the beat of the music will result in a unique experience for your visitors and enable them to get lost in the rhythm of the music.

Our products from producer such as Showtec, American DJ and Eurolite guarantee the success of your event!