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Showtec Galactic RGB600 Value Line - 600mW Red Green Blue Laser

  • Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Cyan and White colors
  • 80 Patterns
  • 600mW, 15K Scanning
  • Different auto and sound shows integrated
  • Free upgrade, IR remote control
Item no.: 51325

Showtec Galactic 1K20 TXT - RGB-1000 mW

  • Sealed Optics
  • DMX & ILDA control
  • 20K Scanner pair
  • Keyboard included
  • Write and safe your own text
Item no.: 51344

Showtec Galactic FX RGB-1000 - 1000mW RGB Laser with 8 effects

  • 3D built-in laser shows
  • DMX & ILDA control
  • 20K Scanner pair
  • 8 FX
Item no.: 51343

Showtec Galactic RGB-300 Value Line - 320mW 15K Scanner

  • 320mW RGB Laser system
  • IR Remote control
  • DMX, Auto & Sound control
  • 80 Built-in patterns
Item no.: 51327

Showtec Galactic RGB720 - 720mW Red/Green/Blue Laser ILDA & DMX

  • DMX & ILDA Control
  • Runs pre-programmed shows from SD
  • Menu with color display
  • 20K scanner pair
Item no.: 51340

Showtec Galactic RGB850 - 850mW Red/Green/Blue Laser ILDA & DMX

  • Sealed Optics
  • DMX & ILDA control
  • 20K Scanner pair
  • Very wide beam angle
  • Runs pre-programmed shows from SD card
  • Flightcase, ILDA cable & 1G SD card included
Item no.: 51329

Showtec Galactic TXT -

  • Write your own text
  • 300 mW RGB laser
  • Keyboard included
  • Different Auto and Sound shows integrated
Item no.: 51342

Showtec Galactic FX RGB-620

The Galactic FX RGB-620 is a 5-in1 FX 620mW RGB laser unit. It has an extra fx wheel in front of the scanner pair that creates Moodbeam, Burst, Polar, 3D and Scanned beam effects. Check the online video to see all the possibilities of this special galactic laser. It can be controlled by DMX with 19 channels or ILDA. When you use ILDA you have to connect a DMX controller (2 channels) to control the effects wheel because ILDA doesn't support extra controls besides scanner pairs and laser modulation. If you like to operate it without controller you can use the 6 built in programs which can play automatic or sound activated. It also has a slave mode for a set up with multiple units. All built in programs are also selectable by DMX. In DMX mode you also have many possibilities to control the 80 built in patterns like color, clipping, zooming, X-roll, Y-Roll, Z-Roll, X-move, Y-move and applying effects.
Item no.: 51339
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