Items from Showtec

Antari HZ-350 - Pro Hazer

  • Compact design
  • Powerful output
  • True Haze effect
  • Very Low Powerconsumption
  • DMX Control
  • Bright LCD display
  • Silent operation
Item no.: 60621

Showtec Antari Z-380 - Fazer

  • Compact size yet powerful outputs
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • LCD Screen
  • Smart Auto Cleaning Function
Item no.: 60786

Showtec Dragon F-350 - Fazer

  • Smooth even output
  • DMX Control
  • Create a thin haze of fog
  • 1000W Heater
Item no.: 61108

Showtec Mistique

  • Very even and thin haze ensures no visible cloudy effect on stage
  • Customizable output direction gives extra flexibility
  • Extreme silent operation due to CO2supply
  • Output and fan speed remote controllable by DMX and W-DMX
  • Fast and easy setup with Q-lock CO2 hose system
Item no.: 60769
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