OMNILUX OBA 575 95V/575W SFc-10 5600K


95V/575W Halogen-Metalldampflampe (5600K) für SFc-10 Sockel made in Belgium!

Let there be light!
  Allthough you might not expect it, but not all products produced these days come from China. As counter-example we would like to introduce our new OMNILUX OBA lamps. They are produced in belgium and do meet the highest quality standards and are available for immediate delivery. They will be blinding good times.

Type of lamp: Metal halide lamp
Manufacturer: OMNILUX
Voltage: 95 V
Wattage: 575 W
Current: 6.95 A
Socket: SFc10-4
Luminous flux: 49000 Lm
Burning position: Any
Arc gap: 7 mm
Color temperature: 5600 K
Color rendering index (CRI): 70 Ra
Lifetime: 750 h
Dimmable: No
Hot restrike: Yes
Diameter: 21 mm
Contact distance: 115 mm
Length: 136 mm