Prolyte-CCS6-605 Sicherheitsfeder für CCS 603

Item no.: CCS6-605

Showtec MR16 50 mm GU5.3 WFL 2- Multi-Mirror 12V 75W

Multi-Mirror 12V 75W
Item no.: 82357

Prolyte CCS6-603 Konischer Bolzen für CCS6 Verbinder

  • Bolzen zur Sicherung von Prolyte Traversen & Eckelementen.
Item no.: CCS6-603

Prolyte Truss CCS6-600 Coupler (30/40-Serien)

  • Verbindungsstück für Traversen.
Item no.: CCS6-600

Bralo 55924008 - Blindniete Standard 4,0 x 8,0 mm

Pop-Rivet Alu Steel Truss Head 4,0 x 8,0 mm

On request also available in black.

Item no.: ADH55924008

Patchkabel CAT 5E 2m

Patch / Netzwerkkabel

Klassifizierung: CAT 5e
Länge: 2m
Farbe: blau

Item no.: 4606

Adam Hall Accessories VMINC WHI - Holdon Mini Clip white

Mini Clip white for fastening molton, canvas, covers etc. This clip is particularly suited for fastening materials that do not have eyelets or other fastening possibilities. The material is simply clamped down by the clip, so that the material itself does not get damaged.

  • Length: 40 mm
  • Width: 35 mm
  • Height: 10 mm

Bralo 55914017 - Blindniete Multigrip 4,0 x 16,5 mm

Pop-Rivet Alu "Multigrip" 4,0 x 16,5mm

On request also available in black.

Item no.: ADH55914017

Bralo 55924006 - Blindniete Standard 4,0 x 6,0 mm

Pop-Rivet Alu Steel Truss Head 4,0 x 6,0 mm

On request also available in black.

Item no.: ADH55924006

Bralo 55924014 - Blindniete Standard 4,0 x 14,0 mm

Pop-Rivet Alu Steel Truss Head 4,0 x 14 mm

On request also available in black.

Item no.: ADH55924014

Prolyte CCS6-649 Halbkonusverbinder für Bodenplatte 30/40

Item no.: CCS6-649

Neutrik NL4FX

4 pole cable connector, chuck type strain relief, dark grey bushing

The industry-standard for loudspeaker connections offer extremely reliable and robust cable connectors with a reliable locking system. They feature solid contacts with screw-type terminals including a stranded wire protection which offer also solder termination.
Features & Benefits

- Current rating 40 A rms continuous
- Up to 50 A audio signal, duty cycle 50%
- Only 3 parts, easy to assemble
- High impact materials - long-lasting and reliable
- Easy and extremely precise locking system "Quick Lock"
- Improved grip on latch
- 1 piece strain relief, chuck for 7 to 14.5 mm cable O.D.
- Color coding possible
- Improved screw-type termination for highest pull-out force
- Integrated design guarantees "Made by Neutrik®"


Item no.: NKNL4FX

Admiral Selflock Haken Easy 250 kg Trussaufnehmer Coupler silber TÜV

  • Coupler / Trussaufnehmer für 50er Rohr
  • Kompatibel: 48-51mm
  • Verschluss: M12 Flügelmutter
  • Abgang: M10 Geräteschraube, Sprengring, Unterlegschraube
Item no.: RIHAHCA14

Neutrik NC3FXX-BAG

 3 pole female cable connector with black metal housing and silver contacts.

The next generation of the worldwide accepted standard of XLR cable connectors. The successor of the X series offers several new features which make it more reliable, easier to assemble and improves contact integrity as well cable strain relief.

Features & Benefits:

- Unique cage design of female contact for low contact resistance and high integrity
- Female contact incorporates a solder barrier to prevent solder running into the contact mating area
- Female connector with improved solid metal latch which is larger and easier to handle
- Additional ground spring contacts for better shell ground continuity
- Improved chuck type strain relief provides higher pull-out force and makes assembly easier and faster
- Boot with polyurethane gland gives high protection to cable bending stresses
- Colored rings and boots available for coding or identification
- Sleek and ergonomic design - valuable and handy
- Rugged zinc diecast shell, longlasting and dependable
- Internal thread on shell is well protected against any damage
- Branded with unique hologram - guarantees genuine and authentic Neutrik product


Item no.: NKNC3FXX-BAG
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