OMNITRONIC charging station for TM-105


Charging station for TM-105

  • Quick and easy charging of the batteries of up to two TM-105 bodypack transmitters
  • Batteries remain in the charger during the charging process Pocket transmitter
  • LED control display and error detection per device slot

The charging station enables the batteries of the TM-105 pocket transmitter, which is part of the W.A.M.S.-05 PA system, to be charged quickly and easily. Up to two devices can be charged at the same time. The batteries do not have to be removed from the bodypack transmitter to charge; the device is simply plugged into the charging slot.

Type: External power supply unit
Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Battery: Charging time 4h
Output: 12 V DC; 0.5 A;
Dimensions: Width: 10.6 cm
Depth: 7.2 cm
Height: 8. 5 cm
Weight: 470 g


Bedienungsanleitung / User Manual