OMNITRONIC BD-1320 turntable black


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Belt-driven DJ turntable, black

  • Large start/stop button
  • Strobe lighting for exact speed adjustment
  • Adjustable anti-skating
  • Shock-absorbing adjustable feet
  • Pitch adjustment: ±10%

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x device, 1 x turntable, 1 x system, 1 x shell set, 1 x needles, 1 x balancing weights, 1 x felt mat, 1 x RCA cable, 1 x adapter, 1 x cover, 1 x operating instructions

Belt-driven DJ turntable, blackThe belt-driven DJ turntable in black from OMNITRONIC comes with a pickup system and needle. You can set two speeds - adjustable to ± 10%. The large start/stop button, the adjustable anti-skating and the integrated lighting for precise speed adjustment make working with the turntable comfortable. The removable acrylic dust cover protects the BD-1320 turntable from dust and dirt. The turntable receives the necessary stability thanks to the shock-absorbing feet.

< tr>< td>Material:< td>3.77 kg
Power supply: 115/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Total connected load: 8 W
Protection class: SK II
Power connection: Fixed power connection cable with Euro plug
Drive type: Belt drive
Brushless DC motor
Drive: Start-up time: 1 sec.
Deceleration time: 1 sec.
Speed ​​transition: <1s 1khz 5cm/sec
Fluctuations in synchronism: <0.25% WRMS
Rumbling: td> 50 dB DIN B
Speed: 33 rpm, 45 rpm
Tonearm: S-shaped with gimbal suspension
Length: 220
Overhang: 10 mm
Tracking force: 0-4 g, adjustable
Output level: Phono 1.7-3.5 mV/ 1 kHz 5 cm/sec
Connections: td> Output: Phono via stereo RCA
Pitch setting: ±10%
Color: Black
Dimensions: Width: 45 cm
Depth: 35 cm
Height: 14.5 cm
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: Diameter: Ø 33 cm


Bedienungsanleitung / User Manual