EUROLITE safety rope AG-5 3x600mm up to 5kg sil


High-quality safety rope

  • For securing loads above people
  • Round strand rope 6 x 19 with fiber core
  • With two thimbles< /li>
  • 4 mm quick connecting link (Form A) included
  • Complies with DIN EN 12385-4:2008-06 and DIN 56927:2009-03
  • Rope with thimble and connector
  • Further information about this product can be found under "Downloads" in the data sheet

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x chain link

EUROLITE safety ropesThe EUROLITE safety ropes comply with the current trade association regulations from BGI 810-3:2007-03 Loads over people and were constructed on the basis of the European standards DIN EN 12385-4:2008-06 and DIN 56927:2009-03.The ropes are Manufactured by a renowned German manufacturer and checked by an independent, accredited institute at LGA. The breaking load determined there is documented in the factory certificate according to DIN EN 10204 required by the trade association. This means that the user can use these safety ropes without hesitation in the BGV C1 area to secure loads above people.

Load to be secured (BGV C1): Max. 5 kg
Maximum load WLL (5-fold): 100 kg
Rope construction: 6 x 19 FC
Rope strength class: 1770
Standard : DIN EN 12385-4:2008-06, DIN 56927:2009-03
Nominal strength of rope: 1770 N /mm²
Surface of the wires: Galvanized
Color: Silver
Temperature range: -40° C - +100° C
Dimensions: Length: 60 cm
Diameter: Ø 3 mm
Weight: 50 g
Length weight: 0.0311 kg/m