EUROLITE color tube for T8 neon tube, 149cm turquoise


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Paint tube for covering simple white neon tubes

  • Neon tubes with a difference
  • Available in different colors
  • Further information about this You can find the product under “Downloads” in the data sheet

Color tube for covering simple white neon tubes With the EUROLITE color tube for your T8 neon tube you can stage your simple, white neon tubes according to your needs. Simply pull it on and you're done!The paint tubes are available in different, current colors.Please note: The paint tube only fits the T8 tube with a length of 150 cm and a diameter of 26mm!

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Material: Hard plastic, 0.8 mm
Color: Turquoise
Dimensions: Length: 1.49 m
Diameter: Ø 3 cm
Weight: td> 120 g