EUROLITE Audience Blinder 4xPAR-36 sw


Audience Blinder for 4 PAR-36-120V/650W bulbs

  • Each lamp is individually connected to an internal luster terminal so that any lamp version can be easily wired< /li>
  • Extreme and lightning-fast light development
  • Horizontally adjustable rows of lamps open up new possibilities
  • The device is cooled via passive convection cooling
  • Can be controlled via plug and play li>

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x headlight, 1 x operating instructions

The slightly different "lighting effect" known from large open-air concerts and equipped with 4 or 8 Par 36 lamps, this lighting effect is intended for both stage and discotheque use. Depending on the version, there are 4 or 8 lamps that are switched on together and blind the audience so strongly for a short time that the surroundings can no longer be perceived. An attractive price/performance ratio makes this special lighting effect also interesting for smaller discos or mobile discos. The audience blinder can be used both standing and hanging and has two stable locking screws. Furthermore, the two rows of lamps can be rotated in different directions, allowing a wide distribution.

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Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Total connected load: 2600 W
Protection class: IP20
Protection class: SK I
Power connection: Fixed power connection cable with protective contact plug
Cable length: Approx. 0.9 m
Base/socket: Cable
Lamp type: Halogen lamp
Operating time: Max. 3 min.
Cooling: Passive convection cooling
Control: Plug and play
Design: PAR-36
Housing color: Black
Dimensions: Width: 47.5 cm
Depth: 11 cm
Height: 51.5 cm< /td>
Weight: 6.50 kg
Legal specifications
Special product: Not intended for indoor lighting in households
Intended use: Lighting for show effects


Bedienungsanleitung / User Manual