Yodn is a Taiwanese company which was established in 2003. For years, they have been very successful in Asia and have now also established themselves in Europe. Following their motto: “Outstanding performance, reliable quality, and continuous speedy service” they produce discharge lamps of the highest quality.

They import raw materials from Germany and Japan and assemble their lamps in their factories in Taiwan and China. Their range of products is made up of stage and industrial lights. For the former they have produced an R series of beam lamps. These create outstanding lights which illuminate the happenings on stage and make them livelier and more attractive. They are compatible with most devices by big brands. Thanks to their high-quality products, Yodn has become the most popular brand for Chinese stage light fixture factories. When it comes to industrial lighting they specialise in AOI and UV lamps which can be used in the production of PCB, liquid crystal panels, touch screens and solar power panels.