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Wireless Systems

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LD Systems U305 IEM HP - In-Ear Monitoring-System mit Ohrhörern

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Wireless Systems

Who isn?t annoyed by tangled cables and constantly tripping over them? With the development of the wireless-connection, a solution seems to have been found. So why buy a device just contributing to the mess that are cables? Our wireless systems are the answer.

To switch from cable microphones to similar looking wireless ones, one only needs a pocket transmitter, a receiver and a terminal. They provide crystal-clear sound which can be heard even in the noisy surroundings of a stage. These devices are available as handheld, lapel, headset and instrument microphones. Your artists? freedom of movement will now no longer be restricted. 

Our in-ear monitoring is a good alternative to the old-fashioned speaker. They offer singers and performers an amazing sound quality, free from any kinds of environmental influences. Another advantage are exchangeable foam pads. They can therefore be adjusted to an artist?s personal preferences.

To guarantee the smooth running of your device, you can also purchase individual components and other types of additional equipment at our shop.