Wireless Solution is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wireless lighting controls. The Swedish company was founded in 2003 and today, they are a supplier of 50 OEM companies. These include market leaders in the area of lighting equipment such as Chauvet, Cameo, Infinity and Showtec. Thanks to the outstanding quality of their products they have sold over 500.000 devices since their founding.

They have earned world-renown due to their award-winning Wireless DMX system (W-DMX). It offers easy handling (plug-and-play) and a strong signal. The innovative Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum makes it possible to avoid overlaps with other radio-frequency users. It also comes with an in-built dual-band for a better performance. But the system is not only able to process DMX but also RDM and Ethernet signals. The W-DMX is built into products such as transceivers, receivers, repeaters and antennas and can be used indoors and outdoors (IP65).

The company has its own research and development department for software and hardware. They also work very closely with manufacturers and light-designers to come up with the products that their customers need.