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2-Points Trusses

2-Points Trusses A very basic version of the truss available...

3-Point Trusses

3-Point Trusses Whether used in event design or for shop and...

4-Punkt Traversen

4-Punkt Traverse   Eine atemberaubende Bühne kann...

Exhibitions Stand / Structures

Exhibitions Stand / Structures During a fair you get the chance...

Truss Sets

Truss Sets When buying truss it is often necessary to...

Ground Supports / Stages

Ground Supports / Stages Ground supports and stages are a...

Tower Parts and PA Wings

Tower Parts and PA Wings The truss tower is an impressive...


Rigging Rigging concerns itself with securing heavy loads....

Trusses Accessories

Trusses Accessories In our truss accessories you can find...

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65,94 € *
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421,62 € *
Available now!

Prolyte Truss H30V-L100 Length 1m 3mm

148,92 € *
Available now!

Prolyte Truss X30V-L200 Length 2m black

289,96 € *
Not available now!

Prolyte Truss H30V Kreis, Radius 175 cm, 4-teilig

2.872,29 € *
Not available now!

Prolyte Truss X30V-L300 Length 3m

292,88 € *
Available now!


A harmonious and impressive atmosphere can not only be achieved by sound but also by appearance.

To make a lasting impression at exhibitions, events, concerts or at home you should use one of our many types of Prolyte truss.

Buy inexpensive, top-quality Prolyte truss while receiving one-to-one advice. We offer you a great range of 2-point, 3-point and 4-point trusses with the fitting additional equipment. Available are also sets with connectors or dollies - ?Made in Germany by Licht-produktiv?.

All of our truss systems by Prolyte are state-of-the-art equipment and approved by TÜV. They have also received the EN1090 certification. 

Prolyte has made a name for itself all over the world and you can expect excellent support and up to date innovation all around the topic of small stages, roofing systems and ground support. Different types of tower systems with different options such as PA wings and top sections for hand or electric chains hoists are available.

Because safety always comes first, we offer a big range of rigging equipment.

Here you will find everything that you need:
- chain hoists in D8 and D8+
- helmets, ropes, and other equipment
- shackles
- safety?s steel and steel cable
- round slings, slips and steel flex
- TÜV certified couplers
- pins, split pins, lashing straps, hooks

Now there is nothing holding you back from having the stage design of your dreams.  Haven?t found what you?re looking for yet or have trouble deciding what to get? Don?t hesitate to contact us for we?re always happy to help you!