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Truss transport

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Admiral Dolly Strong Boy comi with 4x 100mm castor with brake

173,15 € *
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Admiral Dolly Strong Girl - Dolly für Truss Kreise

355,52 € *
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Admiral Dolly Strong Boy combi Kennenlern Aktion

1.599,00 € *
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Admiral Stapelleiste für Strong Girl 30

33,84 € *
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37,41 € *
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Admiral Teckel 40 truss transporter 2m with 6x castor

190,63 € *
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Admiral Dolly Strong Girl - Dolly für 40er Truss Kreise

380,10 € *
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Truss Transport

The basic structure of many stage constructions consists of truss. Not only does it provide stability, but it is also used to mount lighting equipment to it. Truss is heavy, and most of the time you will need a lot of it. It is therefore important that transporting it is made as easy and quick as possible. 

Admiral recognises this issue and has developed two different transportation systems. The first one is the so-called Teckel system. Here you can connect Teckels (metal beams with two castors) through two aluminium tubes and create dollies which accommodate your specific needs in length and number of wheels. The Teckels can be used for 30 and 40 truss. There is, however, also the Strong Boy. This is a robust cart which consists of a 2-3mm thick steel base and is coated in zinc to improve its durability. Rubber studs attached to the base guarantee optimal friction and create a non-slip surface. You should also attach straps to the sides of the Strong Boy to give it extra security.

And finally, Admiral also produces rubber truss carriers which are put in between two levels of truss and improve its stability. They also have noise-cancelling qualities and are compatible with Prolyte, Eurolite, Fantek, Duratruss, Globaltruss, Interal and Sixty82 truss.